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Our courses are short and inexpensive so you can start slowly and grow at your own pace.

Work your way through each course to launch yourself from complete beginner to Full-Stack Web Developer!

Our Curriculum

Our CCALearn.Tech courses are built from our in-person classes at Code Career Academy.

Our Full-Stack Web Developer Certificate program let's you study in-person or remotely via Skype for Business.

If live classes are what you need, check out our upcoming Part-Time class!

Our program is broken into 4 segments:

  1. Intro to Web Development
  2. Front-End Web Development
  3. Back-End Web Development with the Microsoft Stack
  4. Intro to Computer Science

Build Anything You Can Dream Up!

Not everyone can attend our live classes, so that's why we created CCALearn.Tech!

We are converting our live program into a series of courses you can take right here at your own pace.

Start now with the first 4 courses in our Foundations of Software Development learning path.

These classes make up the same content as the Intro to Web Development portion of our live class.

Unlike most online classes you can buy, our classes are part of a greater whole that adds up to a complete Full-Stack Web Developer curriculum.

Our Foundations of Software Development program will give you the skills to build virtually any web app you can dream up!

Technology We Cover

Foundations of Software Development 1 - 4
(Intro to Web Development)

  • Intros To:
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • Git/GitHub

Foundations of Software Development 5 - 15
(Front-End Web Development)

  • HTML 5
  • CSS including Mobile First, Responsive Layout
  • JavaScript Dynamic UI
  • Object Oriented JavaScript
  • Intro to ES 6!
  • Intro to Web Servers with Node.js
  • Calling REST APIs with AJAX

Foundations of Software Development 16 - 26
(Back-End Web Development)

  • C#
  • ASP.NET MVC & Web API Core
  • SQL & SQL Server
  • Entity Framework
  • Building Web RESTful APIs
  • Design Patterns

Foundations of Software Development 27 - 32
(Intro to Computer Science)

  • Data Structures
  • Algorithms
  • Algorithm Analysis
  • Career Management
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