Will I Really Use Data Structures and Algorithms as a Programmer?

By Jeff Ammons | 2/11/2018

CS or BS?

It was an interesting week.

In the same week one of my classes reached Data Structures and Algorithms, I ran across two separate discussions of how important such knowledge is for a working developer.

First, I had a conversation on Slack (Tech404.io) with Michael Alves who asked if a working developer (specifically a front-end dev) really uses what they learned (or should have learned) in a data structure and algorithm course.

My response was this:

“You won’t likely use it daily in the sense of “Well time to write my own stack implementation and sorting algorithm”, but you will use it in the sense of understanding how things work. I tell my students when an employer asks you about sorting algorithms in an interview it isn’t because they want you to reinvent the wheel, they just want to know that you understand why the round wheels work better than the square ones…”

Interview with a Former Code Career Academy Student

By Jeff Ammons | 2/10/2018

Over at Code Career Academy they have published a success story of one of their students, Cristian Ventura.

Cristian attended the Full-Time, Full-Stack Web Developer Program and is now a software developer with Docufree.

Welcome to CCA Learn Tech!

By Jeff Ammons | 1/3/2018


Today we are rolling out our Early Access program.

During this phase you can get our individual Foundations of Software Development courses for just $25 each! They are normally $100 more!

Of course you may encounter the occasional "unintended feature" (also known as a bug), but hopefully they will be few and far between (he said hopefully).

Not only is this the launch of our first course, it is also the launch of our course creation and delivery system.

Today we go live with Foundations of Software Development 1, and over the next couple of weeks we'll be rolling out 2, 3 and 4.

If you go through this entire set, you will get over 13 hours of video, plus extra content.

Over time we will be adding our entire Full-Stack Web Developer curriculum.

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